TEL is a non-profit organization committed to providing equitable access to college-level learning to everyone.

At TEL, we create a catalog of highly engineered, online, general education courses. We partner with colleges and universities to offer these courses for college credit at affordable prices.

Our Focus

Our work is centered on the belief that all students, regardless of where they are from, their age, and the institution where they are studying, should be able to access high-quality, foundational courses with an expectation of learning the same information and skills as other students in comparable courses at any institution. In addition, students should have an opportunity to demonstrate or provide proof of their learning in formats that are widely recognized and accepted by employers and institutions of higher education.

Our Worldview Statement

TEL courses are designed to be fact-based and non-politicized. We do not focus on any specific worldview, either secular or Christian, but rather provide students with the key, factual information and skills they will need for academic and professional success. This approach is also part of our larger mission to provide a single affordable curriculum that can reach the greatest number of learners – homeschool, private, and public high school students – and offer them college credit from both private and public institutions.

What People are Saying

“As a homeschool mother and teacher of 18 years, I have found TEL to be an answered prayer. I was entering uncharted waters with having a junior in high school. I knew my son was ready for advanced courses and wanted to give him a head start. He has flourished. He has matured with TEL courses. He is able to manage his time and feel successful when he finishes early by setting goals and putting in the work. He was able to take a couple of high school classes, work 30 hours, and take seven TEL courses in a school year. It has set him up with confidence to know he can handle taking all TEL courses his senior year as he plans for a future in the military and transitioning from young man to young adult. The staff has been wonderful and caring. It isn’t complicated to get started. I feel I can ask questions of all types without feeling silly and ignored. I recommend TEL to all high schoolers.”

Laurie Arnold, homeschool mother and teacher.

“I love using TEL for my high school student. She is homeschooled and loves doing ballet and painting. TEL allows her to focus on her talens while earning college credit. The classes are engaging, and, best of all, affordable.”

Amy Lopez, homeschool mother. 

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