Affordable and Flexible College Credit for
All Types of Learners


Rigorous, college-level curriculum designed to build mastery.


$67.00 per credit hour or $200 per 3-credit hour course.


Fully online with flexible pacing guides.

Flexible College Credit Perfect for Independent Learners

From getting ahead to saving money on your college degree, TEL courses can help you reach your educational goals.

Online and Self-Paced

Our self-paced online courses provide flexibility for students with a busy schedule. Courses begin at any time and can be taken from the comfort of your home. You are given a full year to complete courses, so choose to take your time or work through at a quicker pace to graduate early.


You can choose the credit-granting college or university that best aligns with your goals and earn transferable college credit when you successfully complete the course. Learn more our college credit-partners and how to transfer credit by visiting our transfer toolkit.


As a homeschool student, you have a lot of control over your schedule, so it helps to have a curriculum that you can move through at your own pace. TEL courses are asynchronous, with no specific meeting times, and you can have up to a year to finish the course. Or you can finish it in eight weeks if you want.

Individual Courses

Earn transferable credit from one of our regionally accredited partners through our catalog of asynchronous, self-paced, fully online courses.

Associate Degrees

Earn your associate of arts or associate of science degree through our partners and get the foundational skills to help you reach your career goals.

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